Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Cross country 2016

I ran in the 10 Yr old boys.After the cross country race i felt I was hot and puffing also really tired from running 5 laps of the whole field.I felt really bummed out because we didn't run at Minogue because at Minogue park because the of it terrain it's really bumpy and the big hill is hard to go up.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Wacky Olympics

On Friday 19Th August 2016 the Senior Syndicate had there wacky Olympic games.The Wacky Olympic games were based of these games Javelin(with a straw),Relay Races(wheel barrow races),Discus(with a paper plate)and throwing(Coin toss).Our class was chosen to choose a country and we picked out Swaziland so we had to wear red blue and yellow clothes on the day.Before it started we started with a torch relay so 1 Kid from each class was chosen to run the torch around our courts 1 time each but 1 class had 2 people.After each event we handed out medals and a wreath around there head!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Clay sculpture reflection

1.For my clay sculpture I am creating a soccer world cup trophy.
2.The title for my clay sculpture is Soccer World Cup trophy Alex's edition.It's meaning is my passion for soccer.
3.The thing I have enjoyed the most when working with the clay so far is learning how to mould the clay and getting my hands messy.
4.The trickiest part so far is getting the right amount of clay to build my clay sculpture because you have to wedge it and if you get the wrong amount you have to wedge it all again.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Museum vist

01.On Wednesday 2 weeks ago we went to the museum to find out more about Zena Elliott for our term focus creative explorers.
02.When we went we saw some moths that actually  felt like moths but were really heavy, some Maori pictures, a waka, paintings, a sculpture called MASTER Z and Zena Elliott Pous.
03. 3 things that i learnt were what the meaning of Zena Elliott pous how Zena Elliott makes her stuff and more about what happened with the waka and how they discovered it.
04.My favourite part about going to the museum was seeing Zena Elliott art because it was fascinating to see how she created it and all the straight lines and coloured tape.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

FLOX artwork reflection

1.The process we went through was first made and cut out a circle and painted my background green.Secondly I did my first layer with just my kiwi.Thirdly I did my wood pigeon with dark blue.Fourthly I did my red leaf.Lastly I did my two flax and my fern. 2.The easiest part for me was mixing the light blue and dark blue and white together. 3.The most hardest part for me was at the end was trying not mix my red and blue together. 4.The thing I like the most about my finished piece is that I made it and accomplished it. 5.The thing that i would change was doing my fern faster so that it didn't stick to my art piece.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Discussion Buddys

The best thing that happened to Levi last week was going for a swim in the morning every day!!!
Levis favourite subject at School is Maths because he's good at it and its fun!!!
Levis favourite sport is Soccer because it's fun and he's good at it!!!
Levi likes to play on his PlayStation 4!!!!
The talent that I Like about Levi is that he brings smiles to the classroom =D!!!
One thing Levi admires about me is that he's my BESTFRIEND!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Reflection task

One thing this year I think that I will remember for ever is pretty much being in Room 14 with my class mates and the AMAZING Mrs Gunn.
One thing i have been able to accomplish is being able to stitch a key ring for someone and i am proud of that.
One thing that someone in class did for me was stick up for me and that was Jack.
The most challenging thing this year is  staying a week away  from family members at camp because it was so scary away from home.
My favourite place in the school is the playground because me and my friends play fun games and make new ones up to have fun at school.
One thing I would change this year is to try to help more people at learning.
One thing is helping them in maths to help them learn strategies to help them figure stuff out and finding the answer the question with the correct answer.
The 3 most important thing i have learnt this year are K.O.S and how to make a friend and keep them and how to be a role model.